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500 2nd Ave. South, 39 story residential; 29 story hotel; 32 story residential on full 3.4 acre block (Cumulus Radio site)

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Gensler is the architect.

Hot off the Development Tracker, the buyer has filed for an Overall Height Modification for the property. No plans uploaded yet, so no rendering. Hopefully they are uploaded in the coming days.   

Here is a quick photoshop of the two properties side-by-side

Posted Images

Here's the NBJ's reporting on this: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2021/08/12/three-tower-sobro-centrum.html

Not much new, except for this quote from Councilman O'Connell: 

“The quality of these particular proposals is going to have to be extraordinary for them to succeed, and they’re going to have to respond to the neighborhood and historic concerns” 

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1 hour ago, smeagolsfree said:

Sorry, there are very few historic concerns now.

These projects are not in a historic district. I guess they were previously concerned about Rutledge Hill district, the IRONY is that density near Rutledge Hill will actually make it more viable and sustainable.

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Dont get me started on fort negley. All a person has to do is go up there and have a look at it. 75% of it is blocked off because of neglect of maintenance. Boardwalks are broken,signs faded out,weeds and overgrowth everywhere. I think we fund things and fix them up and then just let it sit for 20 years and never spend anything to keep it up. One day soon i hope, there will be an outcry about how the fort is crumbling again and is in danger of total loss. I guess i am angry because i took a friend from out of town up there about a month ago. I was embarrassed to say the least.

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  • markhollin changed the title to 500 2nd Ave. South, 39 story residential; 29 story hotel; 32 story residential on full 3.4 acre block (Cumulus Radio site)
2 hours ago, downtownresident said:

This had been showing as indefinitely deferred on Development tracker, but that seems to have changed this week. It looks like new plans were filed on the 6th(they paid the fee that day), but haven't been uploaded to development tracker. The caption seems to indicate that the 45 story building has lost 6 floors, and is now a 39 story building, and the other two buildings have increased in height dramatically. The hotel is now 29 stories(an increase of 6 floors), and the second residential building is now 32 stories(an increase of 16 floors!). 

Here's a snip from Development tracker that shows the new caption:


"A request for a modification for overall building height, for property located at 500 2nd Avenue South and 2nd Avenue South (unnumbered), at the eastern corner of Peabody Street and 2nd Avenue South, zoned DTC within the Rutledge Hill subdistrict (3.29 acres), to permit a 39-story residential building, a 29-story hotel, and a 32-story residential building with ground floor active uses, requested by Gensler, applicant; Centrum Realty and Development, owner."

A link to the page in E-Permits: https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/4023340

Hopefully we will see renderings soon! 

As long as the former 45 story tower has the same amazing design features, then I’d say this proposal is better! 22 more stories of building mass seems fantastic. 

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Don’t know why the developer doesn’t just put out a rendering of a 11-story block (20’ per floor) that occupies the whole block and says ‘this will be my backup plan if the tall one doesn’t get approved.’

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29 minutes ago, PillowTalk4 said:

It's silly to me to be considering height as an issue in the downtown core for any reasons other than FAA concerns.  Outside of that, if you live in downtown and don't own air rights around your property sit down or move.

A lot of the issues are the current zoning that these properties have. I think that with this project and the 2nd & Peabody project you are about to see a major change to the downtown zoning codes to bring it more in line with the type of growth that we have been getting. 

Not as much about the FAA or air rights now as much as it is about to be about changing the Downtown zoning code. Then those air rights are mute and always have been unless you have bought those rights which is a very expensive proposition.

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