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Charlotte suburban development in South Carolina

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Thought I would create a new forum to reflect the development that continues in the suburban communities across the state line in South Carolina.  One of the most rapidly growing towns in the area continues to add development.

https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/08/04/saussy-burbank-springfield-town-center-fort-mill.html?ana=TRUEANTHEMFB_CH&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A Trending Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3kb3xDbtplrG_JI0U4CzJDLUID9H0k8vjwgJ-Q6I57Y3BQCkm3vk6Cbrs

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Honestly worried about the long-term viability of Indian Land. It isn't near an interstate nor public transit and they are dumping a LOT of housing that pretty much can only access 521 / Charlotte Hig

Sounds like it's worth saving 5 or 600 bucks a year in property taxes. Sign me up!

This is Lancaster, SC's new downtown where people run into neighbors, go shopping, and hang out on Friday night, just 1.5 miles away from "old" downtown... hence the state of "old" downtown in photos

Posted Images

Yes I agree Indian Land is quite congested and you better work in south Charlotte but not much further as that commute up 521 is a killer.  Fort Mill Rock Hill and Lake Wylie are all more accessible for sure.  

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On 8/18/2021 at 6:40 PM, KJHburg said:

Yes I agree Indian Land is quite congested and you better work in south Charlotte but not much further as that commute up 521 is a killer.  Fort Mill Rock Hill and Lake Wylie are all more accessible for sure.  

I commute from Commonwealth to Lancaster SC via 77 >Rock Hill then down 5 to meet up at 521 near Van Wyck. I do however take 521 home sometimes and can attest to the increased traffic in the area. The new traffic lights are most annoying going that route. The drive is still pretty open once I get on S.521 where it meets 5, but development is slowly creeping down closer toward Lancaster City. Id imagine this a good thing eventually for DT Lancaster, but am concerned about the long term traffic dump onto 521, given that it its basically the only major thouroughfare from Lancaster to Charlotte. On a side note, I would like to see Dave Lyle in Rock Hill connect to 521 as that would give an alternate route to 77 aside from  rts 5 or 160.  Ill have to take some pics of DT Lancaster and general area along the commute, sometime ..

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On 9/27/2020 at 4:28 PM, tarhoosier said:

Sunday corona virus drive to Lancaster South Carolina. This is the Greek Revival courthouse in the Red Rose city built in 1828 and in use until the early 2000's. Now with new courthouse and municipal and county services buildings beside and across the street. Used as a history museum now. IMG_0925.thumb.JPG.125b06fc9543e2b44e0362b43a3874dc.JPG


Lancaster on a Sunday afternoon is empty as Chernobyl. Main street is Meeting Street. Here it is:




First time I was in Lancaster downtown was ~maybe~2003-2004 and it was a husk of a city. The original Springs mill was still there, though mostly vacant. The mill is now gone. It was a forbidding brick castle of a building meant to defend against outsiders, at least as I saw it. One thing has not changed. Still unpopulated downtown and obvious why. One functioning business, Leigh Ann's restaurant, open Sundays and between the old courthouse and the new.





One block off Meeting Street one sees a several block string of this:





For those who live in the thriving new developments of North Lancaster County, Del Webb community and much more, then if they ever happen to go to the county service center they will enter 1973.


One fine thing discovered today in Westside Cemetery. I am a cemetery visitor wherever I go. This is a new one for me as a grave marker and I rather like it. Not for me, you understand, but as a monument of distinction for two people born early years of 20th century is stands out in a good way. Maybe a family member was a metal artist.




This is my visit to Lancaster. From "Ring Cities" thread

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On 8/23/2021 at 5:07 PM, CLT2014 said:

Red Ventures is downsizing their office foot print in Indian Land. They are seeking a tenant to sub-lease 240,000 of office in RV1 and RV3 as they adapt to a distributed work model and permanent hybrid structure: https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/08/23/red-ventures-seeks-tenant-indian-land-office-space.html

I think my girlfriend is most upset that they will be losing the Bowling Alley and the Sushi Bar as part of this...... :tw_lol:

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