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Queensbridge Collective (Uptown Cabaret site) - 3 towers


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13 hours ago, navigator319 said:

All of gateway is a slum including jwu and that church find a way to raze it a start blank check with the new station development.

The Trade side is okay but I find the 5th st side depressing (more specifically the corner of 5th and Cedar). Not sure what it is, just feels like there is no street level activation and typically devoid of pedestrians. Maybe its just the experiences I have had at Cedar St. Tavern that effect my overall view....


EDIT: Going to edit this before I get piled on. I DO NOT want to raze Gateway. They just need to find a way to improve the overall experience of spending time there. 

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Damn wish we had that down vote button back.

Fact remains the area is not desirable. And yes the church is part of crappy feeling of the area in the middle of what is supposedly downtown. JWU old buildings and just the general layout of what was built is all equally to blame.

People love to race bait for sure. That is irrelevant to they should cash out and do what the ski slope folks did in SP. By not doing such I believe they crappy members of a community. I can say the same exact for JWU.

Also JWU have closed Miami and Denver. Only left with CLT and PVD. They should also cash out all their land to a developer and get some modern class space and integrate better with uptown in the process.

The BofA complex, which they don’t own, is an abject failure in its intention and yes CK should start over and unlock the sites potential. Yes there is precedence for that scale.

So in short I’m 100% sticking to raze it all and build to 2022 scale and usage.

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Yeah, tearing it all down seems quite extreme. I don't think there is anything seriously wrong about the area but I also don't think it has done a very good job at creating a notable sence of place. I've never had business around there and I don't live nearby but of all the times I've passed through I never thought, "Hey, I'd like to hang out here". Blowing the whole damn thing up is ridiculous. I'm sure it serves its purpose ok for those that use it. 

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3 hours ago, JBS said:

I'm now convinced that you are intentionally trolling and/or have never been to Gateway. J&W moved into their "old" buildings way back in...2004.  Gateway Village is actually a pretty decent piece of urban development, including a public park space integrated within the main complex, parking largely hidden behind (not under) apartments and retail. It's a work in progress like much of the city but what has been developed in the past 20 years there is mostly pretty good. 


Gateway is a really nice development, but the overall area was a bit dead in the evenings when I lived there ~9 years ago. More housing continues to pour-in, which helps that.

If something like it was built in empty Levine land today, we'd all applaud it.


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2 minutes ago, atlrvr said:

There is no "decorative" top on this one :ph34r:

I'd agree 45 stories, and probably just over 600'.

Don't believe the parking deck is under the office tower.... similar to Ally, but better screened and integrated.


No decorative top? Well that really blows.....

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24 minutes ago, norm21499 said:

South End is definitely forming a skyline, but I don't think any of the current or up coming buildings will have any cool lights at night. Hopefully I am wrong.

The steel X's on the Lowe's tower are (dimly) lit in Lowe's Blue at night. I have only seen it from the rail trail, never noticed it from further away, but I aint out after dark much lately.

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18 hours ago, KJHburg said:

anyway getting back to the project at hand I heard 3 towers 2 residential in the low 30s and office tower mid 40s in floors but what do I know I am on vacation! 

Wow - if any of those did materialize I think it would definitely take some wind out of Legacy Unions Sails for future high rise residential or other office towers for quite some time.  I mean there’d need to be some  serious anchor tenants and/or Deep pocketed Multifamily Developers.

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