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1010 Church Street (60 story/750', 500 unit residential tower, 7 story/60,000 sq. ft. YMCA addition), $350 million


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9 hours ago, Sean blackdog said:

July 10th.  Antonov An-124 flew above of downtown. About 2,331 feet altitude. 


This is the runway that is the problem that Sean pointed out. If DT were sitting due west of the end of this runway instead of NW then it would be more like Charlottes DT. It sits due east at a 90 degree offset of the end of a similar runway.

The problem as Sean pointed out are the large cargo jets that always use that runway and fly low and slow. 

As Bob said the extension of a runway to I think 12,000 feet would solve a lot of this problem as these jets would be able to use the longer runways then. Until then height height restriction will not even be considered to be even looked at.

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I was pondering a bit on this project.  Specifically, how and/or why, in such short order, a thread about potentially our new tallest and potentially our first to break the 700' mark, had moved to page two.  Are we jaded or scarred by past attempts at a new tallest?  Are we too nervous to get completely excited?  Are we curbing our enthusiasm because of the cited 2023 start?  Or is it that with so much else going on, we're not obsessing over it as we ordinarily would?  Then, I got here and thought, shucks we hit page four of this thread pretty quickly and all the pondering ceased.  Besides, this one feels different than Paramount or Signature.  I know I wasn't here to go through all that with you good people, yet believe me when I say I've read through the strings to get caught up.  And maybe it's the recent activity that helps, yet it just does to me.

Anyhow, cue the Village People and viva la 2023!!!  Good Lord willing and the creek "don't" rise, we'll all get to see it happen!

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4 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

Things on this board get moved rather quickly these days. It’s a lot more active that it was say 5 years ago or 10 years ago. I will say this is probably the second most active board other than Charlotte.

Before the Great Recession there were a lot of active boards on UP and then bam, many just died and never came back.

I’d say most moved to SkycraperPage or SkyscraperCity forums, correct?

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3 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

There will be a lot of construction happening in Nashville over the next 4 years, so just soak it up and enjoy it. Time flies faster than you know and I expect we will have more surprises coming over the next 4 to 6 years too, to keep our eyes busy.

I for one don’t want the time to pass to fast as I will be that much older and closer to death! Ouch

All the more reason for this project to get off the ground ASAP... :tw_smirk:

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@henburgI agree with your assessment that this one looks sharp.  Maybe it's a visual illusion, yet one of the reason's I was so jazzed about this design is I thought the top is tapered???....in which case I'd say Tony agreed with you about making a statement.  If it isn't tapered, then somebody get me his number!

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On 10/9/2021 at 1:53 PM, henburg said:


If I'm being greedy, I just wish that there was one perhaps even one small element of flair that could bump up this proposal a bit as though to say "Hey, I'm the new tallest building and everybody knows it". Whether it be a setback, a slight taper to the crown, or even a spire, I can't help but think that a detail like that could elevate this one from really nice to gorgeous

I think even making the color of the top/crown's upside down triangles white could go a long way to making the tower stand out that much more. 

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  • markhollin changed the title to 1010 Church Street (60 story/750', 500 unit residential tower, 7 story/60,000 sq. ft. YMCA addition), $350 million

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