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SouthEnd High-Rise Projects


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1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

welcome to the city of South End once a down and out aging industrial area now a booming corporate office location and hot neighborhood where the skyline is only getting taller.  Multiple 30 plus story buildings proposed mainly apartments.   Along South Blvd,  South Tryon,  Camden.  






Did you take these photos  from Bank of America Stadium or with a drone?  They are really amazing.

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On 9/11/2022 at 6:45 PM, SydneyCarton said:

Wow!  I wonder if this will be built like LU4 on a pad that doesn’t require excavation.  If so, this could be a few stories above ground by Christmas.

Oh no - the Residential portion of the Portman Project should have extensive foundation work probably similar in scale to the Greystar Residential Tower under construction now.  My estimate on this site, if it starts construction by the End of October should be starting to go vertical around the beginning of the 2nd quarter (April’ish)  next year.  If they’re completely sharing parking with the Office Parking Deck (already completed) and not building any with the Apartments then it could be starting to go vertical a month or two earlier.

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Demolition of the building is delayed by a year due to the historic status. This may be bumped up sooner if the developer decides to save more of the facade/building.

Idiots. Should never be allowed to delay for a year. Developer should reverse what he/she already restoring as a big middle finger on principle. Everything that is wrong with government is embodied in this delay for no practical reason other than that sake.
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Developer bought an historic property knowing restrictions on development of historic properties

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A delay of the sake of nothing is not a restriction. Idk what it is, but it’s nothing but something that cost both a developer and society at large negatively for nothing gained.
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