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SouthEnd High-Rise Projects


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The Fuel Pizza lot at South and East Boulevards was completely fenced in this morning.

I love FP. It’s delicious, but I’d really like to see that land redeveloped.

Doesn’t FP remind you of Two Boots in NYC?

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4 hours ago, tarhoosier said:

Lateral noise may be an issue. What about floor-ceiling transmission?

We lived above Jonathan Stewart and got to listen to him play his piano. Mostly, the sound just travelled by windows and the outdoors.  Very nice family.  He especially. One time he and his buddy deAngelo were playin video games so loud that my wife went down to ask him to turn it down. He was soooo  apologetic. I can't say enough good things about him.  

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generally the noise in a high rise would be side to side but not floor to floor especially in concrete and steel tower.  In a high rise hotel you hear nothing below or above you but you can hear from side to side.  When in a wood frame hotel 3-5 floors I always ask for a room on the top floor (and tell them I am afraid of low heights) 

I’m taking your advice
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