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How to Improve Blog Writing?

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One of the most important parts of improving at writing isn't learning better grammar, or having a more extensive vocabulary, or even just writing more. The most important part of becoming a better writer is to actually write. This can be the hardest part for some people, but if you sit down and make the commitment to write every day, you'll find that your skills improve much more quickly than if you don't. According to Book Publishing company, many writers find it helpful to set aside a certain amount of time each day (or week) to dedicate specifically to writing. Whether you want to write for an hour every night before bed, or set aside an entire weekend afternoon once a month, stick to that schedule as much as possible so that you don't give into excuses and let your writing slide.

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Absolutely support your idea! You're right! In fact, I had a similar situation with my job. I know Portuguese, but to be honest, only at a conversational level. And how lucky I was that my friend advised me to look for a tutor from online Portugese tutors https://livexp.com/skills/portuguese and I was very happy to improve my grammar and writing skills because of that. I got the job! 

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