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First '79 World Series Trophy now this!

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First it was the "donated" 1979 World Series trophy being used to pay off private debts at an auction instead of being returned to the Pittsburgh Sports Hall of Fame, (see thread: now Pittsburgh's first family of baseball is having to go through the horror of watching their dad's plane (which he took off in in the winter of 1972 to rush medical supplies and food to an earthquake raveged Central America) wreckage on an online sports auction!

Clemente is considered the king of baseball in more then just Pittsburgh, really throughout all of Latin America he is seen as the Hispanic Jackie Robinson, first hispanic MVP, WS MVP, Hall of Famer, etc. etc.

Auction angers Clemente family

Pieces of plane from fatal crash put up for bidding

Monday, June 06, 2005


More than three decades after Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente died in a plane crash while on a mercy mission to Nicaragua, Leland's, an online sports auction house, is selling pieces of the wreckage as sports memorabilia.

The news, first reported by The New York Times, angered the Clemente family, which has vowed legal action.

"Obviously, we're talking to attorneys. ... We're going to try to stop this," said son Roberto Clemente Jr., in an interview yesterday with KDKA-TV . . . .

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Finally these guys came to their senses and took it down!

Pittsburgh Baseball doesn't deserve this type of press and recognition, especially for the man that was the first ballplayer on a US Stamp, first hispanic hall of famer, MVP and the shortest wait ever in Baseball's Hall of Fame's induction.

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