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U. of Pittsburgh Medical becoming world giant!

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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center which U.S. News and World Report has named as one of the nations top 5 general medical centers, has a top 10 Children's Hospital that is recently doubling in size and becoming a "green" hospital, the largest Cancer Center in the world, a world leader in Pysch and Ear nose and throat centers, as well as Magee's Women's Hospital. UPMC is also a global leader in bioengineering with the Pittsburgh Digital and Bio Greenhouse and had the world's first transplant/artificial life center in the McGowen regenerative medicine center. All this besides the fact that it was hospital that cured polio, identified and synthesied the best natural medicine out there--Vitamin C--first, along with the first medical helicopter in the northeast, first transplant in the world in about 25 different ways (heart, heart/lung, outpatient etc. etc. etc.), and was the home hospital of the doctor who invented CPR.

The Hospital organization is the largest in Western Pennsylvania (possibly the whole state) with hospital or medical centers from just south of Eire to Johnstown and everywhere in between.

It currently has world class medical centers (besides all of Western Pennsylvania) in Italy, and building one in Las Vegas, and now it is adding Ireland (as well as considering other global locations) to its list!


Irish export

UPMC Cancer Centers makes first foray outside U.S. for oncology services


High-tech medicine may soon become Pittsburgh's hottest export.

UPMC Cancer Centers is extending its reach globally with an agreement to provide radiation oncology services at a new hospital in Waterford, Ireland. Ground was recently broken for the hospital, which is expected to open in late 2006.

The agreement with Whitfield Clinic is the first foray outside the country for the International Division of UPMC Cancer Centers, according to Charles Bogosta, senior vice president of cancer services at UPMC. Other agreements are planned with facilities in Dublin, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Palermo, Italy, where the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center partnered with the Italian government to build a hospital seven years ago. . . .

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Oh almost forgot UPMC is the administrator to the Pittsburgh VA Hospital--the best VA Hospital in the Veteran's system worldwide and used as a model on how to run a great VA center. It has recently been declared the "healthiest" VA center in the world--meaning it has very little secondary infections, more then just the surgery or the medicine a hospital visit needs to be stressfree and sterile something the VA network has struggled with in recent years.

Ok my human encylopedia on Pittsburgh will close for the moment :)

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They do have animal testing up on cardiac hill someplace I've heard, lol, you never know maybe P&B are up there making plans!


Never knew they could be Stillher fans. ;)

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