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Library HQ Planetarium addition


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The County Librarian, Todd Stephens, made a presentation at tonight's County Council meeting where he revealed plans for a planetarium addition to the Headquarters Library downtown.  It's planned to be built at the corner of Church and Broad and will seat 120 people.  They're working with many different local, regional, and national partners on this.  It also sounds like a sizable amount of private donations have already been committed.  This will, of course, need to go through DRB approval before construction.  Here are some screenshots from the presentation:






This is very impressive and will give Spartanburg a fantastic additional attraction for families and visitors.  As a kid, I would have LOVED this (I mean, I'm still excited).  While the exterior design could use some refinement, I like that they're addressing the corner strongly at street level.  Can't wait to learn more.

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Don’t know if this is true, someone posted the following in a Facebook group. Can anyone confirm validity?

“Wow, wow, wow, wow... wow!

FULL-SCALE PLANETARIUM coming to the City of Spartanburg, complete with a dome, screen, and seating for 120!

On the corner of S. Church Street and Broad Street, there is a wide grassy area that, while it looks small, could house the Cowpens Library. On that spot will be constructed a planetarium for all to enjoy! Combined with our impressive library already present, it will be one heck of a power house for learning and science.

I think the closest planetarium is over at Clemson. So to have this in our own little ol' Burg? Yeah, like I said... WOW! What a statement this will make. “







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7 hours ago, gman430 said:

Yes, it's true. It was presented at the county council meeting. Roper Mtn. Science Center in Greenville has a planetarium which is the closest one to Spartanburg: Hooper Planetarium (ropermountain.org)

There is also one at Fairforest Middle School on the Westside in Spartanburg School District Six (Dorman), but I'm not sure if they host public events.  However, this is a VERY cool, out-of-this-world addition to our Downtown! :tw_grin:

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4 hours ago, westsider28 said:

@Spartanburg Dude @SpartanBorn&Raised @Darelle Just a heads-up, there's a dedicated thread for the planetarium here: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/121276-library-hq-planetarium-addition/

( @Spartan maybe move these comments there?)


I love everything about this. Using up wasted space on the library site, adding a great destination in the middle of downtown? What's not to like!?

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Todd Stephens (Spartanburg County Librarian) gave downtown merchants an overview of the library’s new planetarium.

  • The planetarium will sit on existing greenspace at the corner of South Church Street and Broad Street (across from Blue Moon).
  • The planetarium will help better connect Morgan Square with the headquarters library.  
  • Seating capacity: +/- 140.
  • Cost: $10 million.  Funds have already been raised.
  • Media renderings that some of you have already seen are mostly conceptual.  Final renderings should be published soon.  
  • Construction will begin later this year.
  • The planetarium dome will be 50’ in diameter.  By comparison the Roper Mountain Science Center’s dome is 45’ in diameter and the state museum in Columbia’s planetarium dome is 55” in diameter.
  • The planetarium can be used for more than just science and celestial study.   Movies, educational content, and other presentations are expected to be held in this facility.
  • Intended for all age groups.
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