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Central Florida History


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It isn’t Christmas downtown until the Jack Kazanzas star rises over Orange Ave., and if you need a little jolt with this weather to get you in the holiday mood, take a drive down the city’s main drag to see it displayed in all its glory:


From FOX35

Meanwhile, the lighting of Orlando’s Christmas Tree atLake Eola will be this Friday:


From the City of Orlando 


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“For those who don’t know, Phillip Phillips did not make his fortune as a medical doctor but rather as a citrus baron – at one point his operation grew one hundred million oranges a year. According to Joy Wallace Dickinson, who wrote many entertaining columns about local history for the Orlando Sentinel, Phillips’ doctoral title is something of an enigma. It may have been an honorary degree from the French government or he may have actually gone to medical school and practiced briefly in Tennessee. But, Dickinson wrote, he never practiced medicine in Florida.

But man did he make a lot of juice.”

From Scott J

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Joy Wallace Dickinson at the Sentinel looks at the citrus labels which became a form of 20th Century art:

Vibrant crate labels tell stories of citrus heydays 

No word if the “Nudist” brand was the favorite of UP’ers…

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36 minutes ago, JFW657 said:





A couple of things. First, Yowell-Drew at 1 S Orange would become Ivey’s in 1944 (it remained an Ivey’s until 1976).

Second, that deco Publix appears to be on the same site as the Hollieanna Publix today. That suggests they did what they did in College Park and built the new gull-wing store behind the original (the deco store was long gone by the time. I was sentient).

Also, the ad shows just how loose Publix was about the fonts it used back then. From what I can tell, the chain really didn’t standardize its logo until the ‘70’s (and that funky font could definitely stand an update after 50 years).

Great find!

I just noticed that Valentyne’s is pictured next to the Beacham. I’ve rarely seen a shot from those years. I still miss V’s!

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Maitland museums bust myths, revel in fantasy

From Joy Wallace Dickinson at The Sentinel 

She reminds us that Orlando has plenty of history spread about if you just go looking for it.

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Two views of the same building in Daytona Beach at Ocean Ave and Main St.

Post card artwork of the building in its original state 


Seen from the opposite direction, late 70's after exterior coquina rock veneer added and converted to some kind of fun house called Baron Funfright's Castle...


I recall seeing it in the early - mid 70's and the bottom floor facing the corner, was a location of "The Rat's Hole", a well known local t-shirt and souvenir store, owned by a local businessman named Karl Smith aka Big Daddy Rat....



This was all back when Daytona Beach was still a cool place before they sanitized and Disney-fied it. 



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