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Atlantic Blvd & Other Major Roads


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Just thought I'd post about the BJP concerning Atlantic Blvd.

1) Does anyone know if they're still on track to build an overpass on Atlantic over Kernan? Or is it Kernan over Atlantic? Is this still being discussed or has it been thrown out?

2) I've heard that they're going to widen Kernan Road to 6-lanes supposedly starting next year (should've been done like a few years ago), but when the time comes, their available funds can only support 4-lanes of which we all know is too inadequate to meet the demands of such a busy road. They should just call it Kernan Blvd I think just like they call Hodges Blvd. After all, Kernan Road is too busy to be called a road I think...

Does anyone know if they're still going to build an overpass concerning Kernan Road and Beach Blvd even though they plan to widen Kernan Road & Beach Blvd?

3) When are they going to start widening Beach Blvd from Hodges Blvd to San Pablo Road?

If anyone else has info they want to add, do so. Thanks.

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