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Throwing a Party for the World

city guy

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There is an interesting "once in a lifetime" line-up of events for Philly's July 4th weekend.

It is always a blast in the city. 4 days of fireworks, concerts, festivals. I watch the

fireworks from my roof along with my neighbors when they are from Penns Landing

on July 2nd.

Philly really knows how to throw a party! And this year with Live 8...will be crazy. I have 5 college friends who already are planning on crashing coming from Canada and LA.

Check out the schedule...Non-stop from June 26 to July 4th.

America's Birthday Schedule

From a screening of National Treasure, Philadelphia Orchestra, Philly Pops, Elton John, Bryan

Adams, Patti Labelle, Dance Parties, Salsa Party on the Parkway, Liberty Medal, 4th of July

Parade. Will be a blast!

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That is going to be a huge summer for Philly.

Outside of Live 8 didn't realize those other events were taking place, I have heard the Live 8 people are having some political obstacles on a national and record company level but I think it's going to be a huge coup for Philly and a great spotlight for the city.

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