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FL-GA/GA-FL Game To Remain In Jax?


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This was all started by the UGA athletic director, who wanted to have the game every so often in the Georgia Dome (Atlanta, bah!).

However, I really don't see this happen. I just got back from a cruise, so I'm a bit lost over what happened this past week, but last I heard, they were close to a deal.

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The GA Dome is a horrible place to see a game. If you happen to be in the upper decks, you feel like you are about to fall onto the field. I also think real football should never be played inside. And, it is in a bad part of town. At the last Peach Bowl a bullet fell through the roof and hit some girl in the leg.

The GA-FL/FL-GA game belongs in Jax also for the South GA UGA fans. Jax is more convenient for them than Athens or ATL. As to the home field advantage, Texas-OK is played ever year in Dallas and the Sooners beat the crap out of UT every year. And, UGA beat us last year. Anyway, I think people in Athens have decided to leave it here hopefully.

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There are a lot of UGA fans here in JAX as is, and then when FSU is factored in UF doesnt have that large of a homefield advantage, if any, ive always considered JAX neutral for this series and im sure the sports world does too, especially after all of the "Jacksonville being in Georgia" attacks.

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