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Moscow time machine (Retro vs Nowadays)

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Hellow everybody!

This is my photo project about old/modern Moscow. You can see & compare the dramatic changes :w00t: or no modifications at all ;) ... My montages show the same place in past/in present (1880/2005 for example)

So i start:

Red Square. General view in 1880 and in 2005

left --> right

1880: The old trade rows, PokrOvsky SobOr (Cathedral of St Basilius), the monument to MInin & PozhArsky, SpAssky tower, ChUdov & VosnesEnsky monasteries in Kremlin

2005: Trees near GUM [goom]=the State Department Store, the Middle trading rows (yellow building), the corner of "Russia" hotel, St Basil's Cathedral, the "River side" business center tower :angry: , SpAssky tower, the Kremlin adminisration's building


Red Square. The old trading rows vs the New Upper Trading Rows (now GUM)(1890th/2005)

The end of the XIX century in a certain sense completed the architectural ensemble of Red Square. In 1890-93, the Upper Trading Rows (now GUM=the State Department Store) were erected in the so-called "Russian style" on the east side of the square instead of the old trading rows (built in 1815). The very word "rows" goes back into the distant past. It had long been the custom in Russia to have a special row for trading


the House of the Moscow Governors on TverskAya Street (1896/2005)

The splendid 3-storied palace in Classicism style was put up in 1778-1782, rebuilt in 1791. Since the end of the 18th century the palace was used as the official residence of Moscow Governors-Generals. During the reconstruction (1937-1938) of Tverskaya Street the building was moved back 14 metres (42 feet) to prevent it from protruding beyond the new building line. The present building is 5-storied, cause in 1946 it was raised with the addition of two upper storeys with total facade reconsruction. Nowadays this mansion houses the City Hall (the moscow government is located here)


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