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KC Proposed & Planned

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Here are some photos of KC's planned & proposed skyscrapers:

American Century Expansion, 12-14 floors:


West Edge Project, includes 1 10 floor office building:


Crown Center Development, includes 2 13 floors buildings (can be raised to a max of 280') and 1 20-27 floor building so far:



Recently completed (and under construction) skyscrapers:

2555 Grand (still u/c):


Kirkwood Circle (just began construction), a 13 floor building:


Plaza Colonnade, 14-15 floors (construction):



Also, two big fish, H&R Block and Federal Reserve could build skyscrapers however both are very very cloudy in releasing information (especially FR)

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Nice thread. It's good to see all the construction and planning in KC. Some nice looking buildings too, I like the first one.

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