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New Orleans

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I believe New Orleans is the one of the country's most beautiful and unique urban cities. I also would like to see more information and pictures of this city. I'll start by sharing a couple of photos, I took during a visit, back in 2003.






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It stinks. No really, I think it must be the river, but it was a rather foul smell over the city, even off of Bourbon street and the french quarter. Having said that, I agree with lakelander; a unique, exciting city that captures the imagination. It's a city with attitude and personality. I like that.

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This is an article from The Times-Picayune describing some of the condo projects planned in New Orleans. In total, about 1,700 condo units are planned right now.

Some of the projects:

Northshore Marina Tower Condominiums

23 stories



Poydras Street tower

50-60 stories - 700 ft. (would be tallest in New Orleans if built)

500 condo units, retail, parking, and possible hotel included

Located on block bound by Poydras, Camp, Magazine, & Natchez streets

News story:

Slidell condo complex

350 units

Mills Row Condominiums

5 stories - 31 units

Crescent City Residences

Conversion of the 44 story Plaza Tower to 350 condominiums

Krauss Department Store conversion to up to 250 condominiums

Twin towers in Grenta containing up to 224 units


Also, this is the website for the Canal Street Vision:

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the plane for the condo tower has been revised to be around 70-75 stories and around 800 feet tall :D making it the tallest building in N.O. by far..but not for long...

there is a real estate team from atlanta and baltimore that are planning a giant mixed use tower for downtown N.O. that would be privately funded and plans indicate that it could reach around 900 feet making IT the talles building in N.O.

but the building will not be presented to the regional planning board until late 2005 or early 2006, but there should not be a problem building it because the team(architects,designers,construction, etc) has already been put together and its privately funded....the N.O. skyline will look very different(and much better) in 4-5 years

i cant wait to see the progress come together

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Not so sure if all those new towers add much to New Orleans' uniqueness. I remember when downtown was one of the last remaining in the United States as the retail hub of the area--full of department stores and so on, Maison Blanche, Holmes, Godchaux's, Sears, Kreegers, etc. That didn't end until the mid-eighties or so. Now, it's all given over to tourism.

Anyway, I lived there 25 years. Loved the place.

How about this density? My house:


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