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New Tower for West End


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It's Just Dave has mentioned this along with myself and now William Williams of the Nashville City Paper will have the story next week when he gets a rendering from the developer. On 31st and West End Behind the Walgreens will be built an 11 story high end condo tower. ( stories of residential and two stories of above grade parking. Construction will commence in two weeks as the building will be torn down this week of June 13. On this hill, the views will be spectacular. Look for construction in the next two weeks and watch it rise!

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Somebody's doing some real interesting graffiti on the building right now. Seems like a lot of work for nothing, but if they're going to tag something, I suppose a building slated for demolition is the best option. It'll just suddenly be gone some day soon. I took some pictures a while back to remember the corner as I've known it for so long. The new tower will rise soon. $$$$. (Some new condos just past 440 START at $1 million and go from there. I think someone has bought the entire top floor to combine the two penthouses into one 8,000 sq foot residence. Sad, isn't it.)

Across the street, the old Mapco is a pile of rubble now to make way for the Stoney River Steakhouse. I'm still not sure what might be up with the Rio Bravo site, but land like that and in that location doesn't come cheap. A block away, construction activity has started on the Bristol Marquis, everyone has moved out of the block for the Midtown Lofts. Up and down Long Blvd. it looks like bombs have been dropped. Several houses have been torn down for expensive new condos. Fortunately, this area is in under an intense urban overlay, so I'm guess the new things will be pretty cool. Those old low-rise brick apartments on 31st that have been part of the landscape for so long have zoning meeting signs in the front yard; I suppose they're next to go. I always enjoyed living in this area, and did so for 18 years, but they long ago priced me out of the picture, and it just seems to getting more and more expensive. So, I'll be happy driving or walking by and looking up and generally being pleased with the "new" West End Park area. This will not slow down it seems for a long time.

In a year or two, people who've been gone awhile just might request a map to see exactly where they are. It's just not going to look the same. And they won't be able to get one at the Mapco.

J. Alexanders is apparently doing something slick with the old Cooker, and Marginano's (or whatever it's called) still is an enormous looking thing at the base of the American Center Towers.

The new condos on 18th are coming along nicely. Qhite large, nice urban streetside appearance. Just down the street, the Regions financing sign has appeared next to the soon-to-be-started 56-unit condo development at 1101. Adelicia's cranes will pop up soon, Vandy's cranes are all over the place as is Belmont's. Downtown seems nothing but cranes, with so many more on the way, it's unbelievable.

It'll be interesting to see which "holes" downtown that Novare chooses to plug. Bring it on.

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