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Can someone tell me

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There has been alot of discussion on the skyline topic, about GMP for cities, because there has been so much contention and competition between people from various cities. This however poses an interesting topic. Where various Metro areas rank for GMP. I don't know however if these are always acurate depictions as to where a city ranks in terms of quality of life and so on. Take Ann Arbor Michigan for example. It's a very small city when compared to many of the cities we come from on here. But on the GMP list, for a metro area the size of Ann Arbor, It seems to produce more in terms of GMP than many cities of like size. It therefore has a higher GMP per capita, than Cities like Atlanta, and Houston.

I Just thought I'd pose the question, since we seem to know where they rank GMP, how do they rank per capita?

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