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Unusual Skyline Photo


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I'd like to know what people think of this skyline photo:


Basically I was just wandering around online seeing if I could find anything new on Asheville and came across this picture on a site called www.byownerasheville.com. It grabbed me, and I find it haunting and brooding, gorgeous and evocative, and a lovely picture all around.

I think there's just something special about it. Does anyone agree?

Does anyone else have a shot of their skyline like this? Who knows -- maybe it's just something about the winter light...

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Great shot. Post more Asheville. As a northerner, I know almost nothing about Ashville other than what I can read at Yahoo. My impression it is high altitude, has some skiing, is relatively cool in the summer, and is a very small tourist/artsy kind of place. I have not seen many pictures or heard much about it from a native.

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