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That building will never, ever be finished


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What is the deal with that ugly ass building just north of Porter Sq, next to a church on Beech St and Mass Ave? The bottom part is an old apartment but the top part is this ugly Modernist tumor. It has been under construction for as long as I can remember. Does any one know what it is/what is taking so long? Personally I'd like to see some one set it on fire.

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There have been flyers posted on a kiosk at the shopping center mentioning disputes of the building's permits, after, I believe, they were granted. The Porter Square Neighbors Association was concerned that the building was violating whatever permits it was granted. They are concerned about obstructing the view of a very pretty church across Beech St. But their unintentional result has been to prolong the ugly period of construction of the building in question.

This is their site:


At first glance I see no mention of the issue, maybe because the site is out of date. Or maybe I am mistaken about the name of the group fighting the building. If the latter is the case, I apologize in advance. But I still don't like this group that opposes a project to build over the commuter rail tracks at Porter Square between Somerville Ave and Mass Ave. I have a special place in my heart for projects that cover highways and railroad tracks. I am also quite resentful of restrictions on development near subway systems. And, God knows, I hate opposition to height!

I am a resident of Porter Square and the Porter Square Neighbors Association does not represent me.

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