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Honey, They Want to Supersize My Deck!

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On a lighter note, found this article in the GR Press:

Reeds Lake restaurant wants to expand deck

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

By Juanita Westaby

The Grand Rapids Press

EAST GRAND RAPIDS -- A lakeside restaurant wants to double its waterfront seating and provide shuttle service to ease parking congestion.

Rose's, which was rezoned in 1992, would have its dockside seating doubled from 30 to 60 seats. That would involve building a sea wall, putting in a multilevel deck, two fireplaces, a large fabric awning and mast poles, one of which would be 42 feet high.

Rest of the article:

Rose's is a great place to go in the summer and sit on the deck. Great food and great atmosphere.

Quote from the article regarding shuttle parking for the restaurant:

"That's unrealistic, said planning commissioner Amna Seibold.

"People aren't going to say, 'Oh, all the parking spaces are gone and I want to leave spaces (on the street) for boaters, so I'll take the shuttle.' That's not going to happen," Seibold said. "

LOL. While some people may not want to do that, just like a planning commissioner to tell a business what their customers will do. :P

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