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Time to Pull Troops out of Iraq?


Is it time to finally pull the troops out of Iraq?  

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  1. 1. Is it time to finally pull the troops out of Iraq?

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Catching Osama won't make any difference, excpet to pacify the US media machine.

I think that we should stay until the Iraqi government asks us to leave. Certainly our troops are targeted, but the frontline is the Iraqi Army. They still need our help, and until the day comes when they no longer need us (which shouldnt be that far off, we should stay.

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You break it, you pay for it? I agree with the sentiment but how many more Americans have to die? I just don't see things getting any better in Iraq.

Osama is a figure head I'll agree but I said "Osama and real terrorist". Instead of using our troops in a way we control chasing the bad guys. We're sitting them there in the desert waiting to die. How can we know if chasing Osama can make a difference if it hasn't been tried yet?

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the question is moot really...the troops are going to be there regardless of what the public thinks and this war that supposedly has ended will continue to erode the US treasury at the rate of $1 billion dollars a week. Bush and his lackeys have no intention of pulling out considering they are building military bases there as we speak and have plans for oil pipelines as well...to this admministration our troops are an expendible means to their ends.

We are going to be there for a very long time.

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1700+ dead soldiers (at least 5 more today) and at least $200 billion in taxpayer money down the drain, is it finally time to pull the troops out of Iraq?

Ahh, the cut and run wing of the Democrat Party rears its ugly head.

The answer is: Of course we should not pull out. We should never leave a country until the situation is completely stable and much better than when we arrived. Once the American flag has entered a place, it should not leave until the job is done. We can debate all day long as to whether or not we should have invaded, but we are there now and need to see it through. We do not need a repeat of the tragedy of Vietnam, where the Fifth Column liberals forced an end to the support for the S Vietnamese and hundreds of thousands of S Vietnamese civilians died as a result and over a million were exiled. (And no I do not want to debate Vietnam, I am simply using this as an example and would state also that many of the same people, for example Ted Kennedy et al, are advocating surrender as they did back then.)

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I'm not sure this is a Republican vs Democrat issue. First almost all Democrats voted for the Iraq war in the first place. And in the case of Vietnam, the United States major involvement was started by the Democrats (which destroyed the party in 1968) and was ended by the Republicans.

The question I asked is a legitimate one. We are spending about a $billion and a half a week to maintain the military there, and more people continue to die. The death toll now stands at 1740 soldiers.

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Forget about partisan politics, it would just be wrong to abandon these people (the Iraqis) at this time.  By the way, I just found a good column in the WSJ which says almost the same thing I did, but with more explanation.  Here it is:  http://www.opinionjournal.com/columnists/b...r/?id=110006879


Not exactly a well written or impartial editorial but I guess that is ok since editorial is just another word for opinion and we all know what that is worth. The author make a number of conclusions which are not based in the facts of the matter.

I agree that we have created a huge mess for the Iraqi people. The mess was created by arrogance, incompetence and simple lies by our government and now our citizens have to pay the very heavy price for this debacle. Wonder how many cafeterias are still selling "freedom fries"?

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The big lie that Iraq poised an immediate and present danger to the lives of the citizens of the USA. That Saddam Hussean was producing chemical & biological weapons and had a nuclear bomb on the way. That Saddam was behind 9/11 (implied again by the fearless leader this past week on prime time tv).

Of course none of it turned out to be true even though they spent $6 Billion in Taxpayer money digging up the sand in the desert for months looking for said weapons.

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