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Miesian Corners

Way to go Baton Rouge!

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How I wish people here in Charlotte could embrace good contemporary architecture. The new Shaw Center for the Arts just opened in Baton Rouge and is built out of cast glass. One section is actually cantilevered over a historic structure (which serves as studio space). What a great addition to Louisiana's capital city! Beautiful!



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Wow I am impressed coming from someone in Charlotte; a city that has fantastic cutting-edge looking architecture in the Skyline! There is a "love-hate" type relationship here in Baton Rouge with the architecture at Shaw Center for the Arts. Alot of people seem to be stuck liking the same ole' boring, bland looking downtown. But I, and some others can appreciate the visionary "out-the-box" contemporary look. The new Louisiana State Museum also follows this new trend.

The Shaw Center for the Arts has been one of the major catalyst in downtown BR's "rebirth"; and a center-piece for the new Art's & Entertainment District. Also prompting further new development.

BTW nice pics Bryde, thanks for sharing them :thumbsup: Here are a few of mine.

From the roof-top terrace. This is the place to be day or night. They have TV screen projection on the wall; music, etc. There is also a sushi-bar on top.


The 2nd phase of the Shaw Arts Block has started along the Third Street entrance; a mixed-use linnear bldg. with office on the bottom two floors and residential lofts on the 3rd and 4th floor. Also another new restuarant (left) is about to begin.


Another view from the roof-top terrace on the 6th floor. Old State Capitol built in 1849 (left)



Traffic-calming grooved brick pavement was added on the Lafayette Street side


I have always liked this angle of the cantilevered-section


The direct sun-light gives the channel glass a glow; at night it really looks cool the way it illuminates; it is known as the "Latern along the Levee"


Caddy-corner block to the Shaw Arts Center prompted the restoration of the Historic Capitol House that had been closed for over 20 years into the Hilton Capitol Center. This type of synergy was just what downtown needed.



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This is just the sort of thing which can actually bring a downtown core back from the brink. Of course, the interest and money generated by the Shaw family didn't hurt the project either, but this is a stellar example of what can be done with just a bit of creative thinking. The will to preserve a downtown core has also helped Baton Rouge reclaim its downtown. A good example for others to follow.

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