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Raleigh: A city on the rise - Part 2.


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Our tour continues with more Raleigh shots (still outside downtown):






Glenwood South represents the transition from Downtown Raleigh to the rest of the city. Currently the most popular entertainment venue, Glenwood South is an experiment of revitalization that went very well. Unless one can see some before and after photos, it is difficult to fully realize the extent of success. During the day, Glenwood South is not as busy (although it is far from dead), but during evening time things change a bit. Nevertheless, it is a great place to live, work and play, and it offers some city feel to anyone who walks around that area.

Driving on Jones Street, from the West, right before we reach Glenwood Ave:








I couldn't help adding some photos from Downtown Raleigh:


A little bit of Capitol Park:


The nearby museums attract a large number of school kids... with their teachers. This corner is [kind of] across from my workplace.


The following shots were taken on Saturday (11/15/2003), but as you can see there is still some pedestrian activity. In fact, it looks and feels a lot different when one is there to see. Frankly, I tried to avoid taking pictures of the same people, as it would be misleading, but I can assure you... it looked pretty busy in reality. Not a big city feel, but definitely not the dead place most people imagine.







A glimpse towards the South DT Raleigh and the Two Progress Plaza project:



City Market shops and eateries may not rival the malls/shopping centers, but they offer a more unique feel:




Some of the first downtown condos have been there for a VERY long time, but only lately major developers started to look this direction:


I couldn't resist a shot with a few high-rises:


Hope y'all enjoyed the tour.

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This past weekend, my wife and I went to the Historic Oakwood area, looking at the homes for sale. Needless to say, we cannot afford even the patio on those homes, but it was amazing to see so many old homes being renovated and brought back to life. Raleigh has done well maintaining/revitalizing the old neighborhoods, but it is time to move forward by creating our own history and not rely on the existing one. By the way, the old neighborhoods are VERY walkable and friendly; truly a pleasure to be around there. I will try to capture more of the other central areas, but the problem is I have run out of space and I need to buy a few more megabytes to store more pics :(

Thank you all for your comments.

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DruidCity, that shot with the garbage can was actually added by mistake, but I am going to leave it there for now :) Streetscapes along Glenwood South was an experiment, before the City moves forward with installing more such "items" around that area. Quite honestly, it doesn't add as much as I thought, but given the previous status of that area, anything is better than nothing. At least they were smart enough to put a lot of lamp posts and trees. In a few years that street will look fantastic. Right now it is our pride when it comes to entertainment venue and we hope to see more of such developments in the nearest future. The nearby Boylan Avenue and West Street (parallel to Glenwood Avenue) are prime candidates for similar updates and revitalization.

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First of all, thank you ALL for sharing your thoughts. Since my new digital camera arrived (last Wednesday) I took hundreds of pics (and deleted several, as well), many of them while driving. I am like a little child and I don't even share my new toy with my wife, who wants to desperately learn how to use it :)

Tocoto: I do not know the exact height of Two Progress Plaza, but I can say that it will be 19 stories high. Probably around 300ft.

WatchTheSky: That building is the Exploris Museum for kids; the IMAX Theater is behind it (not seen in the photo). It is located across from Moore Square, at the City Market area.

Request: Please feel free to visit my web page (link is included in my signature) and give me feedback if you encounter any problems. I also updated the Downtown Raleigh section just a bit. Currently, the server is full, so I will need to buy some more space before I can download more photos. I may even shrink the above photos, in order to gain a few megabytes.

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