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That along with the vertical stripes...

Hey everyone, I'm a near-daily reader of these boards but have posted maybe once in the last 8+ years. I appreciate everyone's passion and insight. I wanted to introduce myself because yesterday

I am not altogether mad with the blue color from the front side.  The garage is a different story.   

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^ BTW Great Job on your website UPSDan. I like how you reorganized the Suburban Orlando page into LBV and I-Drive. I can't wait to find out more about Aqua and Blue Rose. :thumbsup: I also want to find out the latest on Hyatt, Hilton and the Peabody i.e. plans and perhaps renderings.

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I drove down Church St. yesterday and the 55W site looks the same as it has for weeks. They have fences up and 55W posters in all of the windows of the old shops and they have dug up the ground in the old courtyards... that's it. No more demo-ing and there was no signs of life at 3:30 on a Monday.

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I am not sure what to think of this. Question to the contract holders: don't these people (i.e. the developer) keep you updated on the progress (or lack thereof), at least periodically? It would seem to me that you all have a vested interest and would welcome being 'in the loop' of 'your' building.

I am sorry I missed you at the Loft Affair, UPSDAN! I thought it was pretty well put together but yes, very much geared towards brokers instead of individual buyers.

What would it take for the 55 West developer to put everyone's mind at ease (beside the obvious answer: building it) and to show that it really is commited to move forward? Did they not have some sort of Groundbreaking and dinner gig a couple of months ago? It would seem to me (a layman) they would not go through all of those expenses just to throw up a smoke curtain.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Yes, after recently watching the demolition of the Days Inn on Sand Lake Road, I can vouch that it took a couple of weeks to gut the interiors of the rooms and remove the glass before the demolition crews went to work. After the construction fences first went up, the site appeared to be idle for quite a while before it was razed in a hurry.

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This may be wishful thinking on my part, but I do know that lots of interior (and largely unseen) work has to take place prior to demo.


So I decided to call 55 West and inquire about their status today. The lady informed me that their hold-up at this point is with regards to the demo. of the parking garage. When I asked her about the rumors that this project was a no go she confirmed that they are well aware of said rumors and that the only reassurance they could offer was that they are still selling units, 1 to 2 per week :rofl: Anyways, I was guaranteed that visible demo. would begin at the end of Sept. beginning of Oct.

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