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Memphis' Bristol apts


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This Memphis version of Bristol's franchise apartments just opened a year or so ago. Needless to say, I'm not too impressed. Not a particularly nice building and wedged between a busy hospital and freeway on-ramps.

Side view:


Front view:


View from the back door:


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I agree, sleepy, this one could have much more pizazz than what's presented. Bristol is getting busy with projects in Birmingham and three more in Nashville.

Here's the Bristol on Broadway. It looks good, very stately. The others are vary from this design to fit the neighborhoods they're in. I'm anxious to see what the plans are for the Gulch. I remember they were involved in the BellSouth property and I believe it will be the 18-story condo tower that's been mentioned. I guess they're trying out different things.

I think the Broadway is what they have in mind for Birmingham, but I can't confirm that.


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