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World of Coke Museum


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Since the new World of Coke is expected to open within the next couple of years, I thought I'd start a thread. I assume there will be more development news as the Aquarium nears completion. The WOC site has a photograph of the rendering for the building. Last I heard this is just preliminary and will most likely change. What won't change, however, is the expansion of the Coke tasting room. When the original WOC opened in 1990, Coke only had about 60 brands worldwide. Now, Coke has closer to 400. The new tasting room will be expanded to reflect that. Yay!

If anyone has any news or photos, please share.

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I think A coca cola them park would be cool. It could have a museum inside but have roler coasters outside.

Just a thought.


That's what they should have done instead of only building a new museum. Personally, I like where the current one is, but it's kind of boring inside. I only enjoyed tasting the different cokes and going into the old fashioned soda shop where they show you how Coke used to be made.

Does anyone know what they are going to do with the large Coke sign at the corner of Peachtree by the Undergroud?

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