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Audrey Kell development - no competition?

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Seems like the city council is trying to protect Harris Teeter from competition. This is very unlikely since HT has something like 42 stores in Mecklenburg county alone. But to think that Lowe's would even come close to building that many stores is so far fetched that if they council believes it, they need to have a psychiatric evaluation. Just let 50 grocery stores be built, who cares? It's jobs isn't it?

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yeah i posted something about this today http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.ph...pic=12402&st=15 scroll down in that thread.. i put a quote in about the Lowe's Foods and how HT does want to sandwich in the store so it drives it out.. (then take over the Lowes and convert to a HT haha jk.. or not)


interesting...HT does not have any competition here...YET Although, I have heard through the grapevine from some HT corporate employees that a lot of the stores within 5 miles of Sardis/Monroe Rd Harris Teeter have lost business last year. These being the store on Hwy 51 (Matthews Festival), The Weddington Rd. store, Wesley Chapel store, and the store at Providence and Mckee. Probably due to the Wal Mart Supercenter on Sardis. So, if I were HT, I'd watch out for the Wal Mart supercenters, especially in the lower income areas.

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yeah that Wal-Mart supercenter is killing especially the Food Lion and Harris Teeter at the Sardis & Monroe intersection.

by the way, I just got some "insider info" that Harris Teeter has plans to build another store on Ardrey Kell, this time at the intersection of Tom Short.


it's the Southwest quadrant of that intersection where a development is going up to include small shops and offices and probably a 20,000 s/f harris teeter, or smaller as in HT express. I don't know..

The thing is, HT has a store east 1.5 miles at the corner of Ardrey Kell & Providence, and a store under construction 1 mile west at Ardrey Kell & Rea Road. And now they want to build at Ardrey Kell & Johnston... and maybe another at Ardrey Kell & Tom Short.

They just don't stop, do they.. lol

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