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PARIS [24] Jardin du Luxembourg & Pantheon


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Jardin du Luxembourg

Originally, the ground on which the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Palais du Luxembourg stand was the site of a Roman camp. In 1257 the Chartreux religious order bought the land and built a monastery here and later princess regent Marie de Medicis had the palace built in 1615. This is one of Paris' favourite gardens. Sensitively and very prettily laid out, it's wonderfully popular with students and residents in Paris' Latin Quarter.








Erected between 1764 and 1790, this neoclassical building was commissioned by King Louis XV in honour of Saint-Genevieve who had cured him from a grave illness. The Revolution secularised it quickly and made it a Temple de la Raison. Today, visitors admire the doric columns of the crypt, the resting place of famous writers and philosophers such as Emile Zola, Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, the scientists Pierre and Marie Curie, and Andre Malraux (minister under General Charles de Gaulle's presidency). Its 83 metre high dome looks like that of Saint Paul's in London and that of the Invalides. The fa

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