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The Dave Matthews Hartford Concert


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Last weekend (June 18, 19) the Dave Matthews Band performed one of the annual concerts at the Meadows Music Theater in the North Meadows Section of Hartford. (Jennings Road exit off I-91). In past years there have been hundreds of arrests at these concerts, riots, the need for the use of tear gas, overturning of cars, and injuries to concert-attendes.

The new rules now in effect for all concerts which was first put into effect for the Dave Matthews Band concert makes clear that no alcoholic beverages are allowed in any of the parking lots, which usaully serve as parking facilties and a place for tailgating. The rules also now state that no one without a ticket is allowed into any of these parking lots.

The area around the Meadows is a very industrial/commerical area that is home to many car dealerships (Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Infinit, Suzuki, Mazda, Hyundai, etc), motels (Super 8), businesses (factories and fast food establishments). and the CT EXPO Center (Exhibition Space) Many of these businesses open up there private lots and charge for parking because at a concert this large the parking at the Meadows fills up very quickly. This year many parking lots either outlawed tailgated or just let it proceed.

The problem is are these laws to strict? Will they scare the thousands of people who are comming to the city and thus make them not come and not pump their money into the local economy. They came to the city, parked in the lots, and walked the 10-15 minutes to Downtown Hartford and spent money in local bars and restaurants and many out of state concert attendees stayed overnight in Downtown hotels.

On the other hand past years have brough hundreds of arrests, an incident where Hartford Police had to break up fights in riot gear using tear gas and injured a local radio stations host's son. Cars have been overtuned and business damaged.

What do you think?

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