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Conspiracy theory


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Isn't weird that while everything is happening on Southbank nothing is going on on Northbank...project after project delayed even Carling is getting in trouble,while everything is smooth on Southbank.

Weird to know Paytons own Southtrust building and by developing land and all towers VALUE of whole southbank is going up a lot,if you stall northbank development that makes southbank much more valuable,if you had residential towers on northbank going up quicly it would spread value on both sides...this way only southbank is going up in values.

10 year and you can sell ST for 4 times more money for example.

Did anyone notiiced that Hendricks ends at San Marco,Strand and Peninsula and instead of making pedestrian friendly they are turing whole street into little highway to move more cars which actually benefits those residential towers.

Paytons No.1 priority should be courthouse since many projects on northbank depend on it not to mention that many more would come,instead he seems like doesn't care much about it.

What else is more important for Payton then courthouse?

Courthouse should be finished ASAP,but right now seems like it woill be 8-10 years before it is done...enough time for Southbank to fully develop and for Paytons to cash in on that tower.

Is it me but I just dont see good "reason" for all problems on northbank.

And yeah,isn't Adams street much better suited for entertainment district then Bay?

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Well, there's no conspiracy about Hendricks Ave. The traffic engineers are just plain idiots, that's all. There's no malice, just incompetence.

As for why residential projects are happening on the Southbank and not the Northbank, there's no conspiracy theory there. The answer is quite clear.

# Public housing complexes

Northbank area: at least 3

Southbank area: 0

# Homeless shelters

Northbank area: at least 2 probably tons more including churches

Southbank area: 0

# Social Service organizations

Northbank area: dozens upon dozens

Southbank area: only one that I can think of (Webb Center for learning)

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Well that is what I am saying,Hendricks it designed to benefit towers not pedestriand or businesses in area,it makes driving to towers easier and faster.

I know there are stuff on northbank from BEFORE but right now everythign is going on on Southbank which will raise value of land by good number,not suprised to see prices go up 2-3x current value when all towers are done.

If ST is worth 100 mil when everything is done price would go up 200-300 for example....That is very nice profit.

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I seriously doubt the Hendricks was designed with the Southbank towers in mind. If that were the case, they would just repave it and keep it four lanes, instead of widening the sidewalks and narrowing the road to three lanes. However, the decision to eliminate on street parking was just flat out dumb.

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What are they doing to Hendricks Av. anyway.

At first I though they were redoing a watermain or something,...

By the way,.. first time at the St. Johns town center last weekend, and its absolutly beautiful (especially the cheesecake factory :D ) That goes to show u that unless u've been to a particular place, u shouldnt comment about it negitively.

PS... I do get out much, just not in that area ..

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There are three major factors as far as I can see which has resulted in SB growing and NB Stalling.

1) Regulations - Though both sides have regulation issues, it seems that the NB is far more regulated in terms of development than the SB. IE Historical buildings, Zoning Laws w/ respect to churches , more criticle design review because it is considered the TRUE business core.

2) POLITICS - Seems like everyone is playing SO much politics in regards to anything that needs to be done on the NB that it is bogging EVERYTHING down. (Courthouse for example)

3) SB being the SB - What I mean by this is a LARGE number of people (Populas and Politicians) see the SB as NOT being really part of downtown. They see a river dividing it and they think the NB must be Downtown. This has acted in a way as a catalyst for the SB. because it is not under as much scrutany, it has been able to push things through farther/faster

Dont get me wrong, I am not saying its easy to get things done on the SB either, only that it is far easier than the NB due to the afore mentioned reasons.

Lovely little thing called Parsimony (sp)... The simplest answer is usualy the right answer. If it is far easier to get the same building built on the SB than on the NB, as a developer, where would you go...


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Ooh, I just love conspiracy theories!

Regardless of what kinds of foul play is going on, I wish the Northbank could get some more projects. It's way more "urban". Maybe that's the trouble. Developers on the NB have to worry about fitting in with the existing fabric, with all these SB towers are building on scratch, in a free-for-all.

I'd much rather live on the NB though. And that's probably where we'll see all of our affordable housing anyways.

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