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Improving air quality


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We are fortunate enough here in NC to have a fairly active Division of Air Quality. Though they aren't perfect, they do take more than a passing interest in the air quality of the state.

Annual emissions inspections for cars started here way back in the late 70s I believe (if not, then I KNOW it was the early 80s), and now covers almost half the counties in the state--the list continues to grow.

I believe North Carolina is the only state in the southeast (and one of the few states in general) that uses low evaporation gasoline--a formula similar to that which is used in California (ewww). Car enthusiasts generally frown on this type of gasoline, as it impacts performance. Your car will be more likely to "ping" on NC gas than, say, FL gas. There is also a very slight drop in fuel economy--though the tradeoff in evaporative emissions make it more than worth it.

The NC Division of Air Quality also won national recognition with their Clean Smokestacks Act. There are a number of other things being done to ensure our air is clean.

While there is always more work needed, I'll take this over no action at all. One of the things that prompted this thread was what I saw on television today. The NC Division of Air Quality is now running ads on TV promoting mass transit, driving your car less, reducing power consumption at home, etc. These were primetime spots on popular cable channels. I was very happy and impressed to see this. Though it may not make a difference directly, I hope it at least makes people think more.

NC Division of Air Quality

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