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Hundreds of condos planned for Platt Street


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I see this as a big challenge for Crescent, considering how many times they've had to revise the plans for the condo towers on North Bayshore (and they're STILL not approved!).

Personally, I'd hate to see anything happen to that Publix. That's my store baby. Plus, Four Green Fields is kind of an institution.

That' said, I think that Parkside at One Bayshore turned out awesome. I'm hoping that Crescent gets the final green light on the rest of the project, 'cause it looks like they do nice work IMO.

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I have to say Crescent knows how to choose and good contractor (Hardin) and build very good buildings. I am moving into a unit in Parkside, mostly because the building was built so well compared to that of ParkCrest on Harbour Island. I also hope the Publix remains, because it will be so convient to walk across the street for groceries...

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