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What local Market would go well in Midtown?


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Personally I'm torn between Holiday Market and Westborn Market, though admittedly I don't see either setting for for a few years. I could see Holiday Market coming into the area more than I can see Westborn though I am a little more partial to Westborn. But I'll admit, seeing the homeless population resting casually in wheelchairs and on the parking stones outside of any supposedly upscale Market might make me think twice. (There's also the consideration that in other major cities this is hardly a deterrant.) But at the same time, there is an upscale sector in midtown that's supporting such establishments as Agave and Mario's. Thoughts???


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I don't think the homeless population would keep an upscale market from opening up in midtown. The people who live in midtown are used to having homeless people around. It's just part of living in that particular neighborhood. The growing population that is fueling the success of places like the Agave will eventually grow to a point where the neighborhood can support such a market. I don't know that there's enough people now, but maybe in a couple years.

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