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A trip on the lower deck


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I-93 north of Boston is a double deck highway. Soon the end near the city won't be used anymore so I took the opportunity to photograph this gritty scene while I still could. I also included some shots from the elevated central artery (I93 through DT), soon to go underground. I'll miss the great views, but not the traffic on the elevated road.















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Guest donaltopablo

Ahh, I've driven thought route more than a few times. Some good views, which of course will be lost when it comes down. But in the end, it's probably a lot better because that thing is ugly!

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I took the shots from my barely moving car by just pointing the camera, but not looking at the viewfinder or display. I got a lot of bad pictures, but with digital I could just delete them later, there were some good ones too. I probably took 120 shots during this trip, and about 20 turned out OK.

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I believe a very small section of the lower deck will remain. Lanes coming off the Zakim will stack just before the bend where they currently unstack near the movie theatre.

This map on the Big Dig's website shows how 93 will be stacked to allow ramps to and from the Tobin to be all on the south side of the highway. You can also see that the green that indicates new construction ends short of where the current upper and lower decks run. That section of old 93 remains. The green lines that extend further are new ramps built by the CAT Project.

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