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Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

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Only in Orlando. Amway, known for its cheesy cleaning products sold through a multi level marketing gimmick, has its name on our arena. Now, a cheesy, mostly unheard of chain of camping equi

So me and my friends just got back from the Pro Bowl. It was raining and freezing and we left at halftime because the weather was unbearable. Anyway, I don't know why anyone would call that stadium a

This is a fallacy: Martin Marrietta came here before Disney did (proximity to the Space Coast and local work force).  They built two facilities here.  The TNPK and I-4 were built before Disney ca

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Rosen's rant about venues is unbearable

George Diaz {sodEmoji.|} COMMENTARY

August 24, 2007


Sadly, being publicly (and accurately) labeled as every kind of turd except human, never seems to phase guys like Rosen.

I guess when you have his kind of money, you just don't give a crap what people think of you.

Hell, I'm poor and I don't.

I can understand the man's concern. He has a lot of money tied up in those hotels he owns and their success means more to him than most people can imagine.

But taking a few lousy dollars out of the tourism advertising budget to build 3 venues that will make this area more attractive, marketable and desirable as a tourist destination than it ever has been before is nothing to get as bent out of shape over as he is getting.

This is an obviously very very petty little man.

He and Gutzload belong together.

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Hotelier rallies venues opponents

posted by Mark Schlueb on Aug 28, 2007 1:50:57 PM


We need all SUPPORTERS of the venues to show up to this rally and sabotage it. Enough of this idiot. How greedy can one man be? Oh wait, I forgot about Mr Greedy himself, Perlman. Hope Rosen gets caught doing shady deals just like him.

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nyone think he can really block this thing?

He's got two big problems (besides being a greedy A$$ jerk) even if he gets his signatures.

1) He is trying to get an Orange County vote to change a State Law. The Resort Tax money and how it's spent and how we determined what it is spent on is spelled out in a state law. A new county law doesn't trump state law.

2) State Law also says that new laws do not trump existing contracts. The signed agreements now in place constitute existing contracts.

The only thing he can legally do is cause a delay while they sort things out, which in turn could cause the cost to rise. Then he'll say that he told us it was too risky. Jerk!

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Hard to believe this hasn't produced more chatter. This may be a greater potential threat to the venues than is Harris Rosen.

I'm still waiting for more clarification - this is a 180 for the Court and we'll have to see what the lawyers come up with. Given the special interests affected, I would not be surprised to see a move afoot to pass a joint resolution to amend the FL constitution during next year's session. Of course, they may have shot themselves in the foot because if they did approve a proposal to amend, it would now require 60% to pass instead of a simple majority when it reaches the voters.

There have already been myriad loopholes used to get around the present requirements, and I suspect we will now see new ones arise.

Mike Thomas seems to indicate in today's column that the arena will be unaffected and that DPAC could still be built with available revenues if the Citrus Bowl was tossed under the bus. This, if true, makes Theresa Jacobs' amendment all the more important.

For me, this is another reason, as one who sees DPAC as the most important of the three, why I have been quite unhappy with my fellow Democrats Buddy Dyer and Patty Sheehan on the way the 3 were bundled. I am willing to accept the arena and the Citrus Bowl as long as DPAC gets built - the one with unquestioned public support in poll after poll. If DPAC gets derailed to pad Rich DeVos' pockets and to repair a stadium without a team, I may be one of those going over to the dark side with Harris and Dougie. I hope it doesn't come to that.

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from what i understand the vote is required for the TIF money and that money is mainly being used to finance to OPAC...so i dont see a problem....the voters favour the OPAC

One certainly hopes that is the case but two scenarios intervene: first, a historical one. Orlando has been trying to replace Bob Carr for 30 years and each time, despite the efforts of several skilled leaders including Bill Frederick (who has been the godfather of much of Orlando's modern infrastructure, including everything from OIA to sewers to the current arena to our latest City Hall), things never quite fell into place against Doug Guetzloe and his Ax the Tax minions. Secondly, one wonders if a skillful demagogue like Harris Rosen can tie discontent against Rich DeVos and the Citrus Bowl's lack of use back to the vote on DPAC if it may go down in flames. There is a reason these projects were bundled as they were. Support for DPAC became the only way to convince Orange Countians to accept two projects they largely felt were "gilding" the lilies. I would like to believe everything will be just fine but I've been waiting since Bob Carr was renovated in 1978 as an "interim" measure, and please forgive my skepticism as a result.

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[This is the same note for all of my picture posts today] I'm in town for a few days and today I went for a ride around downtown to see what's new. I took a few pictures as I drove around and the weather turned pretty crappy, so I'm not too proud of these shots...but at least you'll get an idea of what's happening.


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