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Public Art?


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It's been there for a while, but I keep forgetting to mention this. It's on the base of the clock at University Pavillion. I was hoping maybe VeeFan might know something about this since it's technically on campus grounds. I might be able to appreciate it more if I knew more about it.


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It was set up by Mott students as a montage to the consequences of drinking and driving.

IMHO, they could have chosen a better way to do it, because it only makes the clock look trashy that way.

But speaking of the clock, I heard it chime for the first time yesterday, and I couldn't believe how deep the tones are! If I wasn't familiar with the clock, I would have sworn it was coming from a monolithic clock tower!

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Thanks for the clarification! Not only does it look trashy, but I can only imagine the comments about it from people that rarely come to the city. There could've at least been an informative sign set up nearby. It still is nice to see that people (especially college students) are concerned about drunk driving.y

I haven't heard the clock in years! I didn't realize it still chimed.

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