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"Line of Fire"


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"Line of Fire" is a new TV show on ABC that premieres on Tuesday, 2 December. It is an FBI/gang violence drama set in Richmond, and it is the replacement for "NYPD Blue", at least until February. I had never heard of this show until today, and I'm guessing the whole thing will be shot in LA or NYC. It will be interesting to see if there are any scenes or backdrops of Richmond. Here's the article from abc.com:

Series Premiere!

Tuesday, December 2, 10/9c


In the premiere episode, rookie FBI agents Paige Van Doren and Todd Stevens are assigned to the Richmond, Virginia branch. Their new boss, Special Agent in Charge Lisa Cohen, is a tough, no-nonsense leader. All are rocked by the violent death of Agent Bert Somers

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Anybody watch "Line of Fire" last night? I did, just to see how Richmond was portrayed. It was actually a pretty good show, somewhat violent, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually shot in Richmond! It turns out a film crew was here back in September to film the pilot. I don't know where the snow came from. More episodes are going to be filmed here, and they're even looking for local talent. Here's the story from our local ABC affiliate, WRIC-8:

Richmond Goes Primetime

ABC's new drama, Line of Fire , centers around Richmond-based FBI agents and part of the show was shot here in Richmond back in September.

"We shot the entire pilot in Richmond and we're very happy to be back," says actress Julie Ann Emery. When asked what she thought of Richmond, Emery replied, "I love it...good people, good food, nice folks...it's good."

You can have your chance at being on Line of Fire. The show's director is looking for real medical personnel for shooting in mid-December. If you qualify, bring a current snapshot of yourself to the Holiday Inn on North Boulevard on Sunday, December 7th between 4 and 6pm.

And, here's a pic from abc.com:


You can see the James Monroe state office building just behind the chick on the left, and barely visible behind the chick on the right is the Virgnia State Capitol. More pics at Line of Fire

Interesting side note: one of the actresses went to school in Richmond, and another is a native of Winston-Salem.

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