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Tampa Pictures by thelakelander


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As promised in the Tampa/Orlando thread, here's the first of several photos, I've taken over the last month in various Florida cities. These pictures cover parts of downtown, Ybor, West Tampa, Channel District and SoHo. I'll make it a point to hit some of Tampa's other popular residential areas the next time I'm in the area.



old Maas Brothers Department Store awaiting demolition


Tampa Theater on Franklin Street


Christ Church


City Hall


Old County Courthouse


University of Tampa


Downtown skyline taken from Harbor Island


Channel District

skyline in the distance


Even the ugliest warehouses can be turned into lofts


West Tampa

Its still the hood, but if you're looking to invest, this is the place to be

Like Ybor, this community was founded on the cigar industry


beautiful architecture


old West Tampa library


North Howard Avenue



Most of my pics were taken in Ybor City

On 8th Avenue looking toward 9th Avenue


7th Avenue at 7am in the morning


Another shot of 7th Ave (sorry, no night pics)


Centro Ybor Entertainment complex


former Florida Brewing Company plant (now offices)


former cigar plant that has been converted into office use


Original historic Ybor shotgun homes


New lofts and townhomes are popping up every, south of 7th


These look pretty cool


more infill housing, in Ybor


SoHo - "South Howard"

I really didn't have time to explore, this area, this time around, but its got a number of urban infill developments coming up, as well. Here's one.


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Wow, these are great! I grew up in Lakeland as well and used to go to Tampa or Orlando for everything remotely city-like. I live in Orlando now after having lived out of Florida for a while: Orlando likes to make a big deal about its booming downtown development, but Tampa is truly filling in its neighborhoods. Taken in context these are little pieces, to be sure, but they could be (and ten years ago would have been) little pieces of crap instead of decent urbanism.

Where are those West Tampa buildings? You're right, there is some quality architecture in that city. I guess living in Chicago for a little while has raised my sensitivity to how beautifully built warehouses, schools, and neighborhood libraries could be once upon a time. As much as Orlando may promote itself as cleaner and newer, that is one thing it absolutely cannot offer: grand, picturesque Beaux-Arts and 1920s industrial and civic architecture. It still had cows walking down its muddy main street when Plant's Tampa Bay Hotel opened; its turn-of-the-century commercial buildings seem especially modest today as they are slowly but steadily being dwarfed (and demolished) by glass and concrete monoliths.

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I am very impressed by those Tampa shots, Lake. The last time I was there was 6 years ago when I took the Bar Exam and it is looking better than ever. I agree with Bande's sentiments also. You just cant recreate the kind of historic ambience that cities of the age of Tampa and Jacksonville (and which were a decent size between 1900-1920) have. While Orlando is nice too, it doesnt appeal as much to a history and architecture buff like me.

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Thanks for the responses. I don't want to see this turn into a Tampa vs. Orlando thread, I'm just sharing pictures of my recent trips to Central and South Florida. Which city should I post next? Orlando/Winter Park, St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville or West Palm Beach?

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Where are those West Tampa buildings?  You're right, there is some quality architecture in that city.


West Tampa's business district sits about a block north of I-275 at the Howard and Armenia exit. The commercial corridor lines North Howard and Main Street, which runs parallel to I-275.

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I dont think many can complain about Tampa being dumpy after viewing those pics, I mean I love Tampa AND orlando (they are the only two cities ive lived in) but every city has some areas that arent too nice, and for those who knock Tampa as being nothing but a slum-city and elevate Orlando high above Tampa, what about Parramore, most of the OBT, Oakridge just to name a few?

We all have bad areas in big cities, and both Tampa and Orlando are EXCELLENT places to live.

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WOW...I am utterly impressed..I really didn't think Tampa had neighborehoods that looked like this...thanks alot for posting these...r u gonna post these at SSP? if not, can I, with full credit to you? I'm fully amazed!!!


I usally don't post picture threads of Sunbelt cities on SSP because not many people respond to them and they quickly sink to the bottom of the page. Once I get the St. Petersburg pictures up, I'll give it a chance to see if things have changed.

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We should start a thread on Florida's old historic hotels.  I was driving through Winter Park today on Alabama Drive and there is a huge beautiful old building for sale that caught my attention so I inquired about it (just for kicks).  Turns out, it was a grand old luxury hotel (the Seminole Hotel I believe), the same builder of the Tampa Bay Hotel (now the University of Tampa).


Actually, the building you mention is the former Alabama Hotel - it has been luxury condos since approx. the 1980s. The 'for sale' sign you saw was likely for a unit in the building. The Seminole Hotel was acutally 2 different hotels, in two different spots - neither exist now. I'll take this over to your new thread so I don't hijack this thread ... !

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