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portland and manchester aerials

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My God!  Portland is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!


it sure is!! i love have never been??!? you must get a chance to check it out before winter comes...the beaches are top notch for about 4 months a year...then, well, uh, you know, that damn thing called a northeastern winter kicks in.. :)

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I love Amatos!

By the way, the "italian" was invented in by Mr. Amato in Portland. so it can't get any realer.

"During the beginning of the 20th century, Italians were emigrating to New England in large numbers to lay paving stones on streets, extend railway lines, and work as longshoremen on the waterfront. Giovanni Amato, an Italian immigrant, started selling fresh baked rolls from a pushcart to his fellow Italian immigrants working on the docks of Portland, Maine. At the workers' request, Giovanni added a little meat, cheese, and fresh vegetables, and the "Italian Sandwich" was born. Nobody knows the precise date of the first Italian Sandwich, but Amato's sandwich historians say it had happened by 1903. By the 1920s, Amato had opened a sandwich shop on India Street. In the 1950s, people would line up outside the shop to get their Italians, and Amato's would sell 5,000 sandwiches on Sundays."


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