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Charlotte's civic leaders visit Tampa

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With 6,000 units coing down the pipeline and a downtown population expected to grow from 400 today to 10,000 by 2008, about 100 Charlotte business and civic leaders decided to come down to Tampa to check things out for themselves. They went away, pretty impressed with Ybor City and would like to see something similar take place in Uptown.

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thats a lot of population growth. hopefully that will help develop our uptown into one of the most recognizable. due to the banking companys we have visitors from all over the world to our uptown area its all ready well recognized in other countries.

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Yeah, I went to Ybor City, very nice latin flavor.  I wish Charlotte had a nice dense cultural district like that, many latinos are moving to our area.


I think our cultural areas will stay focused along the Central Ave. corridor. I love the whole area to be quite honest. It is truly an Urban enclave worth exploring.

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