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San Antonio Youthcue Trip, 2005

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Recently, I went to San Antonio with my church choir to sing at several concerts with 11 other churches from several states. My mom and I took several pictures while we were there.

Here they are (excuse the quality of some, mine were taken with a disposable camera):

First, Let's Start With Pictures of the Choir Around the City

The Entire Group (165 People) Photo In Front of the Alamo:


The Group Crossing a Bridge on the Riverwalk:


Us At the Mission San Jose:


And Here:


Us Singing In the Mission:


Us In the Mission San Fernando:


And Now, For Some Pics Around San Antonio Without the Chori In Them

The View From Our Hotel's Parking Lot:


The Tower Life Building from the Riverwalk:


And Here:


The City's Geographic Center In the Mission San Fernando:


The City Skyline From Our Bus:


Well, what do you think?

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Great pics ic, hope you enjoyed your trip. BTW, I use those disposable cameras from time to time and think they take fine pics for wide shots, of course I have to use my regular camera to zoom in for more detailed ones.

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Very nice. Its been almost 10 years since my trip to San Antonio and your photos bring back some memories. Especially the ones of the Riverwalk.

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