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A few Tuscon pics

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Tucson! We don't have much of a skyline, but the surrounding area is beautiful. Most of the below is about a 45 minute drive from Downtown.

Ventana Canyon in March:


Santa Catalinas in February:


Whitehorse Canyon in the Santa Ritas:


San Pedro Valley in the Fall:


Tumacacori Mission:


Poppies in March:


Sunset over the Rincons:


Avra Valley from the top of the Hugh Norris Trail at Saguaro West:


Friends of mine on Mount Bigelow during a monsoon in the valley:


View from my apartment's balcony at the beginning of a monsoon:


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I know a guy...or shouyld I say knew a guy from Tucson.

I was young then and he almost caused me to move there. :whistling:

The pictures are beautiful and the mountains against the skyline is amazing.

Nothing however compares to the natural beauty that you presented Tony and Colin. Those poppies were great also. I have never seen so many in one place. Perhaps I will have to visit there one day.....even though I sure wouldn't want to see guy who had me totally dreaming of living there. :unsure:

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Everyone should move to Arizona, especially since it seems now that everyone is, especially in Phoenix.

I finally found a really good dusk skyline shot from "A" Mountain (named so because of the big letter A on it). It's not mine, but it shows the city beautifully. My apartment is just barely off the left side.


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I loved Tucson. I thought it was much nicer than Phoenix. I hope that keep the sprawl at bay and concentrate on the city. It really set Phoenix back. I think Tucson is a city with huge potential. Id hope to return

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