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Dorchester Heights~ South Boston

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Hey guys, this is Dorchester Heights in South Boston. On March 5, 1776, cannons captured at Fort Ticonderoga, NY were placed on this hill overlooking colonial Boston and after a small exchange of fire drove the British out of Boston to NYC. This moved the revolution south and changed the course of the war and perhaps modern history itself.


The first pic shows how the city was so vunerable to fire from this angle.


Second pic overlooks the neighborhood of Roxbury. On the extreme left of the pic is a small white tower, that is Fort Hill in Roxbury and was the site of another colonial fort that also threatened the British positions. Every bit of land from the bottom of this hill to the round brick building in the center is filled land, the former South Bay.


The third pic shows our new friend Channel Center looking sharp with his little brick industrial buddys! (right center below the skyline in line with the brick industrial buildings)




This is the Dorchester Heights monument behind it is also the site of another historic event. It is South Boston High School where in that horrible 1974 school year busing riots tore across Boston, crippling the school system and destroying Bostons reputation as a forward thinking city gained during the abolishionist movement over 100 years earlier.



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Ah Southie. I've never really spent any time there. They've never been all that welcoming to my people. :(

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Fantastic shots from an unusual angle. That would be a good place to get some night shots since it shows the skline with the city in front.

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