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Been trying all morning to contact my son in London. He arrived from Athens this morning and was to catch a taxi to his flat in Hamstead. Since public transportation has been stopped temporarily, I am concerned whether he has been able to get a taxi. I spoke to some friends in London and the surrounding areas. He arrived after the attacks but I am sure getting across town will be the pits. It is so frustrating that such acts would happen in London. Of course, with an immigration problem that is well out of hand, things like this happen. I survived bombs from the IRA, Iranians, and god knows who else in London. I was also in Kings Cross Station in 1990 when it had the horrific fire. I understand it was a target today. All of the attacks today are focused in heavy tourist areas like Bloomsbury, Russels Square, Kings Cross, etc. But you know, the bloody Brits are a clever lot. You can bet ole Scotland Yard will find the beotchs behind these acts. I'm going to try to contact my son again. Cheerio!

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I realize this is the incorrect forum, but let's put our thoughts, prayers and resolve to those affected by the horrific events of this morning in the Great City of London.

I think we can all agree with this. The British people will get through this and ultimately prevail.

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