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3 New Hospitals in Charlotte Area


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I don't know if anyone has heard of the new Prebyterian Hospital that is being built in Huntersville off of I-77 at Exit 23, but speaking with some hospital staff at Carolinas Medical Center, a vacant lot has been cleared for a new hospital facility in Mint Hill and in addition, there is talk of a hospital to be built in the west side of town.

Speaking on behalf of EMS, we need a good hospital in the western part of the county.

Has anyone heard of these plans? With the addition of potentially 3 new hospitals, the total count for in-county Emergency room / in-patient facilities would be nine. I have included a link to Presby's web site regarding construction.

Presbyterian Huntersville Update

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Thanks Watch, happy to be here!

I will try to do some fact finding about the other sites and locations and check those out.

I hope to get a digital camera soon (Christmas hint to my girlfriend) and will try to get some EMS related photos for the forum. Might be interesting for people to see the underbelly of our great city. :rolleyes:

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Thumper, I can tell you that we almost never take patients from the west part of the county to Gaston Memorial. Seems like people like to stay within the county for hospital services. The entire western part of the county including Beatties Ford Rd, Brookshire Frwy, Wilkinson Blvd, Freedom Dr, the Airport area and neighborhoods off of Rozzelles Ferry do not have a hospital close by. All of the talk and plans for hospitals is being fueled by the bitter rivalry between CMC and Presbyterian. Much like BoA and Wachovia, when one does something, the other has to one-up the competition. Remember, everything hinges on the state granting a certificate of need. Considering the fact that Lake Norman is just across the county line and is a new hospital, I would say that the state is pretty liberal when it comes to approving CONs.

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