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GR Neighborhoods for Free Wireless Internet


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The Wealthy Theatre area in the East Hills neighborhood (Uptown District) is home to one of the ten network demonstration sites for the City of Grand Rapids "HotSpotsCoolCity" free wireless broadband. To see a map of the coverage area for the Wealthy Theatre area, check out WealthyTheatreCoverageMap

The kick-off party for the Wealthy Theatre area will be on Tuesday, July 19th at 3 pm at the (surprise) Wealthy Theatre, 1130 Wealthy Street SE.

The Community Media Center, Wealthy Campus will provide free computer access, for the public to use the internet, at their drop-in center at 1110 Wealthy Street SE on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Municipalities across the nation are jumping on the free wireless broadband campaign. This of course has brought on a lot of "discussion" between the private, public, and nonprofit world.

What do you think about this campaign?

For more information about this campaign, check out Grand Rapids Wireless

-Grid Girl, looking for a wireless world

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Hi, I saw your topic a week or so ago, but didn't initially reply because I was hoping to find a larger topic concentrating on all of the GR metro area trial hotspots.

It's exciting that the Community Media Center's hotspot is close to launching. I wish I knew how others were doing ... besides Calder Plaza and Monroe Center.

Do you know of any forums anywhere with frequent updates on how all the trial hotspots are preforming? New launch dates?

Like you, I would love to see a wireless world.

Thanks for any info., and good luck to Wealthy St. Theatre! My husband and I live a few blocks outside of this trial area. :/

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