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Demand Great Design!

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Great cities have vibrant URBAN streets, because urban developments often include facilities (store fronts or pocket parks) at street level within their property. Great urban environments have a tendency to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. There needs to be a balance of (semi-)public and private spaces in every development. This is the Urban pedestrian street environment we(Honolulu) should be demanding, rather than the contrived "urban pedestrain street environment," similar to the development now being fabricated at the Ward Village Development.

It is not enough to clap and cheer because a new building is being constructed in greater Honolulu. We should cheer great design and demand great design by demanding greater interaction between all parties involved.

Honolulu is a city...let us treat it like a city rather than a tropical paradise. A greater dichotomy can exist on Oahu; we must learn how to better distinguish the boundaries between city and country (paradise). I am not saying we should pave over everything green in Honolulu, but when or where construction happens demand great design!

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