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The population of the forum has grown so much that the it had to shut down for a little time.


Hah :rofl:

It was obviously a MySQL problem of some sort. Most likely too many connections to the database, or an attack or corruption of said database

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The forum outgrew the temporary space required to handle the ever growing database we have on the server. The problem is fixed now. Just some growing pains we had...the forum added 1000 new members last month. There were 91,000 unique visitors and 7.3 million total hits during the month of June. Keep up the good work everyone!

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There are several in the works. Most of them are dependent upon upcoming upgrades to the software.

We also continue to move to add new sections of the country and the world to our regional forums. Any ideas and help on this are certainly welcomed. Feel free to contact me or any of the staff with ideas you might have.

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